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Technology is the key to our business.

This website you are looking at runs on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. The Azure platform has market-leading security and resilience and we can dynamically increases resources during busy times so that the website is always responsive.

The coding behind the website is done by us on Apple Macs. The code is a mixture of Javascript and PHP and the designs you create are stored on Microsoft SQL databases.

The designs you create using our design tools are saved on our system as detailed models which are rendered in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). SVG ensures the designs are rendered in high resolution across any device you choose to use.

When you want to move a design into production we have further automated software which creates files to drive the production machines.

The files we generate are:

  • Excel spreadsheets showing all the part sizes and the edgebanding detail. These files are passed to an optimiser which produces a cutting pattern for the saw. The cutting pattern is run automatically by the saw and a label with barcode is applied to each resulting panel.
  • Homag WoodWOP BHX files or Autocad DXF files to describe the machining needed for each panel e.g. position of hinge holes. These files are both extremely complex and richly detailed. This is a result of, for example, the need to have corresponding dowel holes across multiple panels to ensure the cabinetry can just plug together.
  • The key point about our technology is that effectively it is driven by what you the customer do when you are desigining cabinetry with the Cabinet Designer/Planner on our website.

    For example many companies produce WoodWOP BHX files to drive machines but they will do this by using the 'shrinkwrapped' software packages supplied the machine manufacturer. The problem with this is that it does not scale and therefore will not work for a cost-effective on-demand service where we will manufacture a single bespoke cabinet if that is all that is required.

    To make this work we created our own software that works automously and we leave the shrinkwrapped software in its shrinkwrapping!

    So here's the key difference between us and other companies. We don't just use software, we create it too.