The following image pairs show the distant and extreme close up images of the various Egger materials we offer.

We also offer finishes in MDF, Birch Ply and real wood veneers (Oak, Cherry, Maple, Walnut) and these can be seen in the Cabinet Designer.

Range MATERIALS_2012-2016_UK
F236_ST15 Terrano Grey
F238_ST15 Terrano Black
F274_ST9 Light Concrete
F381_ST10 Silk Fibre
F396_ST10 Basaltino Grey
F425_ST10 Beige Linen
F428_ST10 Brown Leather
F436_ST2 Quartz Silk
F488_ST2 Quartz Cubanit
F489_ST2 Quartz Inox
F501_ST2 Titanium
F509_ST2 Aluminium
F900_ST9 Artwood Light
Range UNI_2012-2016
U100_ST9 Mussel
U104_ST15 Alabaster
U108_ST15 Vanilla
U108_ST30 Vanilla Gloss
U114_ST15 Yellow
U140_ST9 Saffron
U156_ST9 Sand Beige
U206_ST9 Malaga
U215_ST15 Magnolia Textured
U222_ST15 Crema
U311_ST15 Burgundy
U311_ST30 Burgundy Gloss
U321_ST15 Red
U330_ST9 Aubergine
U518_ST9 Ice Blue
U525_ST15 Blue
U539_ST9 Steel Blue
U540_ST9 Denim
U608_ST9 Pistachio
U631_ST9 Olive
U635_ST9 Moss
U702_ST9 Cashmere
U708_ST15 Light Grey
U717_ST9 Dakar
U727_ST9 Stone Grey
U732_ST15 Dust Grey
U741_ST9 Lava
U763_ST18 Pearl Grey
U765_ST15 Silver Grey
U795_ST9 Brown Grey
U808_ST9 Mocha
U999_ST18 Black
U999_ST2 Black
U999_ST30 Black Gloss
W1000_ST18 White Premium
W1000_ST30 White Gloss
W1000_ST9 White Premium
W1100_ST9 Alpine White
W1200_ST9 Porcelain
W980_ST2 White Textured
Range WOOD_2012-2016
F900_ST9 Artwood Light
H1110_ST10 Splitwood
H1129_ST15 Thermo Oak
H1137_ST11 Black/Brown Ferrara Oak
H1146_ST10 Grey Bardolino Oak
H1277_ST9 Lakeland Acacia
H1298_ST22 Sand Lyon Ash
H1319_ST11 Light Calais Oak
H1334_ST9 Light Ferrara Oak
H1342_ST11 Montana Oak
H1372_ST22 Natural Aragon Oak
H1381_ST11 Winchester Oak
H1474_ST22 White Avola Pine
H1476_ST22 Champagne Avola Pine
H1477_ST22 Green Grey Avola
H1478_ST22 Truffle Brown Avola Pine
H1484_ST22 Grey Brown Avola Pine
H1511_ST15 Bavarian Beech
H1521_ST15 Maple
H1532_ST15 Swiss Pear Tree
H1555_ST15 Wenge
H1582_ST15 Ellmau Beech
H1615_ST9 Romana Cherry
H1713_ST9 Grey Brown Ontario Walnut
H1869_ST9 Canadian Maple
H1950_ST15 Natural Calvados
H3005_ST22 Grey Beige Zebrano
H3006_ST22 Sand Zebrano
H3012_ST22 Coco Bolo
H3031_ST9 Dark Cordoba Olive
H3058_ST22 Mali Wenge
H3070_ST22 Natural Urbano
H3078_ST22 Hacienda White
H3081_ST22 Hacienda Black
H3082_ST22 Amazonas
H3090_ST22 Driftwood
H3129_ST9 Autumn Plum
H3303_ST10 Natural Arlington Oak
H3332_ST10 Grey Nebraska Oak
H3368_ST9 Natural Lancaster Oak
H3382_ST9 Light Winchester Oak
H3660_ST9 Light Venetian Cherry
H3700_ST10 Natural Pacific Walnut
H3702_ST10 Tobacco Pacific Walnut
H3703_ST15 Natural Aida Walnut
H3704_ST15 Tobacco Aida Walnut
H3713_ST9 Matfen Chestnut
H3734_ST9 Natural Dijon Walnut
H3753_ST22 Country Montana Larch
H3755_ST22 White Swiss Larch
H3778_ST9 Natural Caribbean Walnut
H3840_ST9 Natural Mandel Maple