How it works

1 Design

Enter your measurements, select your materials and decide on the cabinet features using our online Cabinet Designer tool. A quotation is instantly generated and responds to your design changes.

2 Quotation

We check over your design and confirm the quoted price

3 Manufacture and Delivery

It takes 2-3weeks to manufacture your design and then we deliver it to for you to install

Focus on Materials and Fittings

We've got principles

We like to think we've got principles in every sense of the word but the ones we mean here are Design and Engineering Principles

  • Parametric design - given height, width and depth we'll work out the rest
  • Grid based design - a design comprising multiple doors/drawers will have aligning and harmoniously proportioned sizes
  • WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get. The render on the screen is accurate
  • Roundtrip - you can go back to an order and resize everything should your plumber install a pipe in an unexpected place in the room

If you're a design professional you are probably nodding sagely at this point. If you haven't come across these terms before hopefully you'll see that it's just a thoroughly sensible, efficient and friendly way to design fitted furniture.

Read more about design principles

All our own work

Well, under your direction though.
We don't buy in and then resell cabinets. We start with boards of material and take them through a number of processes to realise your design. We add value through our tools - both virtual and real - and you add value through your design ideas.

As easy as 1-2-3, if you want it to be

Processes are often described as 1-2-3 and indeed that is the case here. You could
1 Decide on your measurements and enter them into our Cabinet Designer
2 Submit your order
3 Pay and then take delivery of the kit of parts in 2-3 weeks.
Easy! Except often things in practice don't follow a neat 1-2-3 progression and nor do you want them to.
There needs to be be room in the process to experiment, reflect, revise and just change your mind. When you embark on a project your initial ideas may be foggy and things are clarified as you go along. Our system supports this and allows you to go back,edit with the aim of never losing hthe hard thought work you have put in.

We'll treat you like the Professional that you are

You may have never built a piece of furniture in your life but our customers tackle their DIY Wardrobes project with a professional mindset. Evaluating, planning methodically, thinking through how the project will work. When you telephone or email us you can rest assured that our office staff are in full position of the facts/knowledge that leads to a productive relationship. Every single dimension, screw or dowel hole results from processes in our office rather than the factory floor. You won;t be talking to a grumpy workshop manager or a target driven salesperson but someone who is in complete control over hakping to realise your furniture project. And we'll talk to yu professionally.

By the way not all our conversations are peace and love. Occasionally we get telephone calls where someone erroneously seeks to get bespoke furniture from us at a cheaper price than off the shelf standard furniture, or sends us a shopping list from another vendor for us to quote against. Given our mission, one has to try really hard not to get frustrated by that so our response in these cases is curt.

Your ideas
Our Design Tools
Best materials
State of the art computerised manufacture
Unique Personalised Furniture

The reference to Intelligent People refers to you, our customer. We like our customers. We've been running the DIY Wardrobes service for several years now and we have tuned it to serving the needs of a particular type of person. Our customers have good ideas and often it starts with just the inclination to do something themselves. What our customers don't have is a state of the art furniture manufacturing system and that's where we come in.

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