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DIY Wardrobes combines high precision manufacturing with an online design system to bring affordable bespoke furniture creation to the computers, tablets and mobile phones of individuals.

A combination of features makes our business unique

Infinitely variable

Every design we make can be unique both in dimensions and features. You could have ten different cabinets differing in height by 1mm. Or a 2000mm tall cabinet with 80 drawers. We don't mind and we'll make it for you.

Intelligent manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing means manufacturing exactly the right thing for an individual customer. From the design you create our systems generate machining files that control the principle machines directly. And if there is something particularly special or unique needed then we can share the machining files with you to check and even edit.
If the individual happens to be an architect and 100 units are required the automated production means scaling is no problem.

Easy build

We design our kits to be straightforward to assemble and don't rely on the skill of the installer for accuracy or finish. This means there is no sawing nor precision drilling required - these are the kinds of processes we do in the factory. The only mandatory tool required for the build is a cordless drill. Our kits are based on a full carcass so once a design is assemble it is a perfectly square and rigid box.
We give designs a visual check. If we think a strategic extra dowel here and there will make the building of a bespoke element easier then we'll add it.
Finally, all parts in your design are custom machined by us to match each other. For example a drawer face will match a drawer box and therefore we pre-drill a special joining fitting - this will save you hours.

Cost management

When designing you have control over the materials and hardware specification and the total cost is updated immediately.

All this comes down to one goal - serving the needs of the individual to create their own high quality bespoke furniture.

Our history

Our company Ambisaw Ltd was setup to produce web based production management software for the wood panel processing industry.
DIY wardrobes started as an experiment to use the spare production capacity of our industry licensees to offer bespoke furniture directly to individuals.
The DIY wardrobes aspect of our business has grown and is now the main focus. It suits our licensees too as it brings them in a valuable source of revenue in its own right rather than being a means to use spare capacity.