DIY Wardrobes  An online cabinetry design and ordering service from Ambisaw Ltd

DIY Wardrobes provides the discerning DIYer with all they need to build their own made to measure fitted or freestanding wardrobes and cabinetry.

Why compromise with standard sizes when you can design, get a price in minutes and order your own bespoke cabinets here.

Built in wardrobe made up of seven separate cabinets
Large Cabinet in MDF with frame and panel effect doors
Bedroom built-in cabinetry under a sloping ceiling
Bedroom built-in cabinetry under a sloping ceiling
Bedroom built-in cabinetry under a sloping ceiling (Maple MFC and solid Maple frame and panel doors)
Bedroom built-in cabinetry under a sloping ceiling (Maple MFC and solid Maple frame and panel doors)
Kitchen Cabinet made up of two 250mm deep and one 450mm cabinets
High gloss acrylic front on Birch Ply carcass with push to open doors and drawers
Modular bookshelf made up of stackable 250mm wide by 350mm high cabinets

How it works...

DIY fitted wardrobe
You design the cabinets online.
Our system starts with a picture of a cabinet. Enter your desired width, height, depth and our system draws exactly what you are going to get. Select doors, shelves, drawers as needed.
Beam Saw used to cut wardrobe parts
We Cut all the parts to size in 18mm thick material. Choose MDF, Laminates or real wood veneer.
Using our computer controlled cutting machinery all parts of the design will be cut to an accuracy of 0.1mm.
DIY wardrobe parts delivery
We deliver the kit of parts, including high quality hinges and drawer runners as appropriate.
Building a kitchen storage unit
You build it!
Our design tool generates a parts list, a build animation and outline instructions. All the parts are labelled so just follow the construction sequence.

Getting Started...

To start designing straight away go to the Cabinet Designer.

See some template cabinet designs to get an idea of costs Template Cabinets.

Visit the Information Centre to see wardrobes designed with the system and how you go about fitting them.
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In the Cabinet Designer, pressing the 'Preview Cabinet' button will show you exactly what your cabinet design will look like. When you are happy with the design you can add it to your order. Press the 'Get Quote' button and you are done! We'll respond with a quote and then if you'd like to go ahead all the parts for your cabinets will be cut to an accuracy of 0.1mm and delivered to your door by courier.

Details, details, details...

We all know that it's the details that make a project work. Here's how our system helps you with the details:

  • It calculates the number of high quality Blum hinges needed
  • You can have 'push to open' or slow closers - we'll select the appropriate hinge and ancillary parts
  • You can select a 'frame and panel' or plain doors to fit with the style of your house
  • Included skirting and filler pieces help you finesse the fitting and styling of your cabinet installations

If you want to discuss a project you have in mind then contact us at the email address below or on (UK Phone) 020 7993 6445

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We only use high quality materials. If you are going to invest your time in building don't you want top quality all round? Our drawer runners are Blum Tandem which offer either a slow closing or a push to open option.

Cabinet Backs. Often in flatpack furniture kits the back panel is hardboard ranging from 3 to 8mm thickness. Our cabinets come with 18mm thick backs. This helps make the cabinet more sturdy, plus you can screw into it which pulls the whole cabinet assembly square.

Edge banding. The edgebanding options range from 0.4mm thick (as commonly found on domestic furniture) to 2mm thick. The thicker edgebandings are more robust and give the final piece a more solid appearance.

Delivery. Sending large precision cut panels around the country needs a lot of care in the packaging. Plus the materials used can get very heavy when making floor to ceiling built-ins. We build a crate around the kit to ensure it arrives at your house in the same condition as when it left the workshop.

Costs. The cost depends on the quantity of material needed, the number of panels to edgeband, the number of drawers/doors (and therefore the quantity of fittings required) and costs to transport.

Tools needed. Our built-ins are designed such that they can be assembled predominantly with screws and a cordless drill. To make the build easier a couple of clamps will help, ideally a couple of 'quick clamps' and sash clamps. To make the alignment of panels easier, we pre-route with provide 'Dominos'; these just slot in and you use the clamps/screws to bring the panels together.

Measuring. You need to make allowances for your room being out of square; a 2000mm wide space at floor level could be 1990mm wide at ceiling level. And these kinds of variation can happen in houses both old and new. Therefore when measuring aim for an appropriate amount of contingency space all round, perhaps 100mm.

Why custom built-in wardrobes? You get something that utilises available space fully, with the right combination of shelves and drawers. You have control over the quality. You're adding value to your home.

The Cabinet Designer draws a scale representation of the cabinet you are ordering. Enter the sizes, number of doors and so on at the prompts below and you get an instant image of what your cabinet will look like. You can even get advice on how to assemble it by pressing the 'See an animation of the build sequence' link. When you are happy with your design press the 'Add Cabinet to My Order' button. On the My Order page you can drag and drop the individual cabinets to configure your design.
Helpline: 020 7993 6445 to discuss any aspect of design, material and price
We supply both trade and retail. Trade enquiries please telephone or email
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What are other people designing?    See previous customer projects in the Information Centre

All measurements in millimeters

Bottom position?
Finished Floor Level?

Cabinet name

Angled Cabinet Options
Corner Cabinet
Slope cabinets left to right (or right to left)
Height Left
Height Right
Width Flat Section

Slope cabinets front to back
Height Back

Door Options
Number of doors required:
No door
One door
Two doors

Need more doors?
Type of door:
Overlay doors (default)
Inset doors
Sliding doors
Pocket doors (cabinet height <1200mm)
Door opening action:
Blumotion (slow closing)
Tip-On (push to open)
Wide angle
Heavy duty
Traditional frame and panel doors?
Online pricing for frame and panel is only applicable for MDF. If you select a wood grain we need to use solid wood and we will need to cost this separately.
Frame width
Mid-rail position (0 for no mid-rail)

Doors - divide vertically

Corner Door Offset

Shelf Options
Number shelves 0 10?

Shelf offset?

Shelf thickness

Drill additional shelf stud positions?
Shelf stud spacing

Heavy duty adjustable metal shelf strip?

Shelf Grid 1 10?

Shelf spacing

Table of shelf spacings and height above floor level

Press the 'Equal spaced shelves' button to automatically set the above shelf spacings. Alternatively enter the particular shelf spacings you want in the boxes above. As the individual spacings change the final shelf spacing is automatically calculated. If the last spacing comes out negative this means the shelves don't fit and the other spacings need to be reduced.

Divider Options
Divider space ?
If cabinet is to have shelves/internal drawers you can specify whether they are positioned on the left or right side of the divider

Drawer Options
Number drawers 0 20?

Drawers at top?

Double drawers?


Zero protrusion hinges

Upgrade to Blum TANDEM/Movento?
Drawer opening action:
Blumotion (slow closing)
Tip-On (push to open)
Heavy Duty

Drawer box material thickness?

Drawer height?

Drawer proportions?

Runner length
Number of
hanging rails 0 4?
The recommended fixings to assemble your cabinets are carcass screws which we supply. The additional recommended options below will make assembly much easier.
Bore hinge holes (recommended)
Dowels (recommended)
Drawer box cam dowels (recommended)
Clearance top?

Clearance bottom?

Clearance sides?

Vertical separation (between multiple drawers/doors)


Material swatches (opens new window)

If material is set to 'NONE' we'll assume that to be 18MM thick unfinished MDF.
Material for front

Material for carcass

More info on chosen materials

Add overlapping top and rails?
Amount of overlap left, right, back, front (leave blank for defaults)

Replace top with rails?

Replace bottom with rails?

Replace back with rails?

Face frames and finishing
In frame
Face frame
Scribe pieces?
End panel?
Skirting notch?

Wireframe view?
Draw Elevation?
Hide Frontages?


Want to save your design to work on it later?

Working on something big or want to create a collection of cabinet designs?
Cabinet designed online
The recommend maximum width of a single cabinet is 2000mm (2 metres) If you want to make a larger cabinet it needs to be made up of a combination of smaller cabinets - this will also make it easier to fit shelves, hang doors and install the overall piece in stages.
For example to make a 3600mm wide wardrobe:
1. Design a single cabinet and set the width to 1200mm.
2. Press the Add Cabinet to My Order button. This takes you to the My Order page. Set the quantity to 3.
Of course you can set the individual cabinet dimensions as you want, which is useful for fitting around features like chimney breasts.

1200mm wide cabinet

Three cabinets combined to make a 3600mm wardrobe

To calculate the number of cabinets for a built-in wardrobe or if you need to fit a wardrobe under a sloping ceiling this page helps you work out the sizes for the run of cabinets required. Enter the available width and height then press the calculate button to get the width and heights of the individual cabinets to fit the space, compensating for ceiling slope as necessary.
Use the calculated cabinet widths and heights in the Cabinet Designer to design each cabinet in the run individually.

Width mm
Width Straight Part mm
Height Left Side mm
Height Right Side mm
Number of cabinets
Filler Top mm
Filler Left/Right mm
Door options
Number of doors per cabinet
No doors
One door
Two doors

Frame and panel effect doors


Slope Angle degrees
Slope Fall

Press 'Calculate' button to see results here

Retrieve different order

Press the Get Quote button and we will email you back a quote, usually within 24 hours. The quote varies from the Estimate according to how efficiently your cabinets fit onto sheet material.
If you want to save this job to work on it later check the box below.

Your name  Draft Order, save only
Your email address
Your postcode
Your telephone number

Don't worry! We won't start cutting a job until we have exchanged emails with you first!

Visual Summary to print (Opens new window)

Unit cost
Total cost

Please include any additional specifications or comments:
Change materials
You can update all the cabinets in your order with different material choices and see the effect on price.
Material for front

Material for carcass

Total amount for order

Estimated Total GBP 0.00
PLEASE NOTE: If your order contains frame and panel doors in a wood grain (Maple, Oak etc) solid wood frames will be required and the cost of these will be added to the confirmed quote we send

Cabinet Combiner

Below are thumbnail images of the cabinets in your order. You can drag the cabinets with your mouse to arrange how you plan to fit them together. Press one of the buttons below to get started. Tip: To make a cabinet be drawn in front of another, click and release on the cabinet that you want to be drawn in front.

Drawing rules

Isometric 3D  Elevation  Plan 
Hide frontages  Show frontages  Wireframe  Textured  Show scribe pieces 
Drawing groups to show  A B C D E Move groups

Cabinet Combiner Drawing Rules

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The DIY Wardrobes Information Centre contains photos of previous customer projects and information on designing and fitting your own custom cabinets. Regularly updated it's an essential resource for anyone looking to build their own cabinets and wardrobes.
Ambisaw Ltd
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Telephone 020 7993 6445 (extremely helpful) 8am-3pm Monday to Saturday

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We make and sell customer designed fitted furniture using the latest production machinery. As we make rather than resell standard furniture our operation has been accredited by the Guild of Master craftsmen.

Our ordering and design system is completely web-based and the workshop/production machinery we use to fulfill your order can come from one of a number of workshops located around the UK.

We welcome both trade and retail customers.

More about us...

DIY Wardrobes is a business within our main company Ambisaw Ltd. Ambisaw creates design and production management systems for the wood processing industry and has a number of Licensees in the UK and abroad. These Licensees in turn supply production facilities to companies creating bespoke kitchens and furniture.

With DIY Wardrobes we have implemented a system where individual customer orders through this website run on the back of large production jobs in our Licensees workshops.

Our aim is to make production of custom one-offs affordable.

Through our Licensees and other partners we can offer a huge range of materials and fittings. All the materials in our cabinets are manufactured either in the UK or EU.

If you want cheap wardrobes you are probably best going to Argos.

If you want excellent value for money wardrobes to your own design, made from the highest quality materials processed on some of the best machinery available then you will be interested in what we have to offer.

DIY Wardrobes is run by Andrew Moran. You can email Andrew directly: If you have any questions then please contact us on 020 7993 6445


We usually arrange courier point to point. This ensures your cabinets are delivered direct from our workshop to your home without going through a distribution centre. You will also get the mobile number of the delivery driver meaning you can arrange a convenient delivery time. Delivery cost is around GBP60 and depends on size and weight.

The lead time is 21-28 days. Every cabinet is cut to order to your specification - we do not carry any stock cabinets.

If you need your cabinets sooner you can opt for our Premium Service. With the Premium Service your cabinets are processed as quickly as we can. Total time from order to delivery is 7-14 working days.